ThreeSpires Physiotherapy is now offering free balance and mobility assessments to anyone living in Sutton Coldfield, 65yrs or over and currently walking without any form of aid. The purpose of offering these assessments is simply to try and prveent people from losing mobility by making them aware of their current state of balance, strength and fitness. One of the common frustrations as physiotherapists is seeing patients who have become immobile but if seen earlier before thngs became so bad would have done really well and stayed mobile. This is our way of trying to make a difference to these patients. 

Each assessment will take place at the patient’s home or residence and should take approximately 30 mins to complete and will cover a range of areas including balance, strength and mobility. After the assessment has been completed we will send out a report covering our findings and general recommendations. All of this is completely free and comes with no obligations whatsoever. The final report is yours to do with as you wish and can be given to your doctor, medical professional or another physiotherapy practice. You do not need to be a current patient of our practice and there really are no catches or obligations.

There are just a couple of conditions that you need to meet.

  1. You must live in Sutton Coldfield
  2. You must be 65 or over
  3. You must currently be walking without an aid of any description indoors and outside.


For anyone reading this and thinking: “why are they doing it and what’s the catch”. Then rest assured there really isn’t a catch. We are just doing it because we honestly believe that prevention is so much better than cure. We see a large number of patients who have lost mobility and in so many cases it is obvious that if we had been able to intervene earlier and help at an earlier stage, things could have been so much better. This is simply our way of as physiotherapists of trying to give a bit back and help patients become aware of how their balance, mobility and general strength is doing before it becomes too late.

So, if you would like to book an assessment please either send us an email on or call us on 07884281623 and explain you would like one of the free mobility and balance assessments.


Just fill in the form below and give us a quick idea of your problem/request so that we can be better prepared to help you. 

Alternatively you can call us on:
07884 281623 or email us at

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