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Our home visit physiotherapy service is based in Lichfield and serves anywhere within 25 minutes drive including Sutton Coldfield, Tamworth, Rugeley, Cannock and Walsall. We offer a wide range options such as post-operative physiotherapy, neurological physiotherapy, paediatric physiotherapy and musculoskeletal physiotherapy and as a home visit physiotherapy service visiting patients in their home we are heavily reliant upon trust and recommendations.  As such we have tried to make finding testimonials relevant to the specific service you are interested in easier to find.

On this page we have included some testimonials from patients who have benefitted from our musculoskeletal physiotherapy service for problems such as back or neck pain, muscle strains and sciatica. 

 "I'd been suffering with an ongoing elbow problem which was beginning to effect my hobby which is climbing. I heard about Three Spires via my local climbing wall and as I have specific expectations of what I need my elbow to do knowing that Dave is a climber gave me huge peace of mind. Regarding the treatment/diagnosis Dave was quickly able to tell me the problem was actually with my bicep and the associated tendon as opposed to the elbow itself. He then went through a range of do's and don't's and a set of exercises to help manage the problem. He went to great lengths to emphasise the importance of the amount of weight I would need to stimulate the tendon and how to actual do the exercise properly. He also steered me away from some bad training practices that I was pursuing that were almost certainly adding to the problem.
The overall experience was excellent and would definitely use Three Spires again (but hopefully I won't need to) and would recommend them to friends and also to anyone who is house bound or would prefer to be treated in their own home. As for my injury, it's fairly early days but I have noticed that I'm suffering less discomfort and the bicep doesn't feel as tired so fingers crossed." Stuart D. Cannock

"I contacted ThreeSpires Physiotherapy to help treat my bad back (suspected herniated disc). They promptly called me to arrange an initial consultation appointment. Following an assessment the physiotherapist recommended massage and acupuncture and carried out the treatment. There was a total of 5 visits in all until the pain had resolved.

I would highly recommend ThreeSpires Physiotherapy, the physiotherapist was polite, respectful, knowledgeable and skilful. Appointments were arranged to suit my schedule and the physiotherapist wad always prompt and kept me informed. If the need ever arises I will call ThreeSpires Physiotherapy for assessment and treatment. Thanks!" Carolyn Colclough Tamworth

In January 2016, I injured my back bending down to pick up a heavy bucket.  I couldn't move and the pain was terrible.  The physiotherapist visited me at home the next day and over the course of ten days, a couple of appointments involving massage manipulations and acupuncture he had me fully mobile again.  The physio prescribed exercises to relieve the muscle spasm and strengthen my back.  I cannot praise him enough because he was fantastic - I would never have believed that after one week I would be cycling my bike again - albeit cautiously!"  - Mrs B, Tixall

"I would have no hesitation in recommending ThreeSpires Physiotherapy to anyone. From a position in late August 2015, as a 71 year old man, where it was difficult to drive, work at a computer, sit to eat a meal at the table, or even sleep the physiotherapist worked with me over a period of only 7 sessions from September onwards. Without the use of pain relief medication but with excellent physio and manipulation, plus teaching me some yoga exercises, I have been restored to what for me is full mobility, enabling me to live my life again largely free from pain. ThreeSpires Physiotherapy has made such a difference to the quality of my life. My doctor told me that my prognosis was degenerative and that it would be November 2015 before I could receive physio from the NHS. The physiotherapist from ThreeSpires Physiotherapy not only came to see me at home but from the outset was confident that he could improve my back pain and lack of lumbar flexibility. He was right. I followed his advice, was consistent with the prescribed exercises and improved." - Ivan Ould, Orton-on-the Hill 

"After damaging my knee (playing Ten Pin Bowling!) I phoned ThreeSpires Physiotherapy and made an appointment for the following morning. The physiotherapist appeared with a portable treatment table. Following a comprehensive diagnostic session, the physiotherapist formulated an exercise routine to be completed daily, with further exercises to complete when attending the gym. 4 weeks on and my knee is back to normal. ThreeSpires Physiotherapy provides a very professional and friendly service which I thoroughly recommend."  - Phil Windle, Lichfield 

"I was extremely impressed with the service I received from ThreeSpires Physiotherapy. Dave was able to diagnose my problems quickly and precisely, supply me with appropriate rehab exercises and provide immediate relief with massage. It is still notoriously difficult to find physios with expert knowledge of climbing injuries, despite the sport's rapidly growing popularity but Dave provides exactly that. Plus, he was equally effective at dealing with a running related injury. I am very pleased with the outcomes and have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending ThreeSpires Physiotherapy."- Andrew Clarke, Bloxwich 

"Having suffered with shoulder and neck pain on and off for many years, I contacted ThreeSpires Physiotherapy when I was feeling considerable pain and after finding them through an internet search. I was impressed with their website and pleased that a home visit service was offered. I only had to have two treatments that concentrated on deep tissue massage and the pain completely disappeared. I was given posture advice and stretches to maintain on a regular basis and I am very happy with the service I was given. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them." - Mrs B, Bilston 

"In October 2015 I was suffering acute leg pain and could not walk more than a few paces. My physiotherapist made a number of visits to me, giving treatment and exercises to follow, the result being that I am now walking normally - something I thought at the time may not happen again. ThreeSpires Physiotherapy have been very professional in their approach and had a polite and friendly manner. I can recommend their services on a 5star basis. Thank you." - Fred Perry, Burntwood 

"I first contacted ThreeSpires Physiotherapy when I was in a great deal of leg pain and did not know where to turn. The leg injury also caused nerve irritation and I could not put any weight on the leg, hardly being able to walk. However the physiotherapist came out on a bank holiday to help me and I was grateful for the speed of the appointment and the help I received in a very thorough, caring and professional manner. My injury has improved immensely and I would not hesitate to use again and I would highly recommend to anyone who needs a physio." - Debbie Smith, Hednesford

"It is so convenient being able to have a home visit from such a knowledgeable physiotherapist. Dave is a hands on physiotherapist and utilises both therapeutic massage and effective exercises to ensure the best outcome for his clients. He listens carefully to symptoms and is empathetic and respectful in how he communicates with you. He has helped me resolve a painful hip and I am really pleased with the service." - Mrs M, Cannock 

"I discovered ThreeSpires Physiotherapy online. It is a brilliant idea to provide a home service , I had a return of lower back pain and called on ThreeSpires' services and had three sessions with them. In addition to massage I was given a set of exercises to do between sessions. The three sessions restored the back to normal function and I will certainly return to ThreeSpires Physiotherapy in the future if there is any further back problem. The service is friendly and very convenient and I am more than happy to recommend ThreeSpires Physiotherapy." - David Wallington, Lichfield

"I recently underwent a course of shoulder physiotherapy from ThreeSpires. I am an archer, which is how I damaged my shoulder. The physiotherapist was extremely helpful, the exercises made sense and I am going to shoot in an archery tournament in September. Thank you ThreeSpires!" - Mrs L, Armitage 

"After suffering for some time from pain in my shoulder and upper arm I finally decided as it was not getting better I should do something about it. I telephoned ThreeSpires Physiotherapy and, after a brief discussion, an early appointment was made for a physiotherapist to come to my home. After quickly identifying the problem, the physiotherapist treated my shoulder with massage and went through a series of exercises which he asked me to do on a daily basis. I found the physiotherapist to be very thorough with a caring and professional manner. I am pleased to say that after following the advice my shoulder is now fully recovered and I would not hesitate to contact ThreeSpires in the future." - Jill Lockwood, Yoxall, Staffordshire 

"Over the Christmas holiday period, whilst incapacitated due to a particularly severe lower back injury, I contacted my usual physiotherapist only to be told he wasn't working until January so couldn't help. This led to my initial call to ThreeSpires Physiotherapy. The physiotherapist came to my aid and arranged a very prompt home visit. The first visit and assessment was very professionally carried out and even after this the improvement was remarkable. The condition did require several follow up visits as I expected. The treatment given was second to none, both in the form of hands-on care and remedial exercises given. The physiotherapist conducted his visits in a very efficient and cordial manner, giving excellent value for money. I would not hesitate for one second to recommend this service to anyone in need of it." - Norman Adamson, Rugeley, Staffordshire 

"Handy home visit service - more relaxing at home. You're not rushed through like the NHS service, nor do you have to wait a long while for an appointment. So, overall, a good option."- Roger Carter, Rugeley 

"I have been playing sports for many years now and have often required the services of a physio. I came across ThreeSpires Physiotherapy by chance on an internet search. I found the physiotherapist very good, he listened to my issue of lower back pain and began treatment. The exercises he recommended ere excellent. I still do these and my lower back is a lot better. I would happily recommend ThreeSpires Physiotherapy to anyone looking for a friendly and professional service." - Mr S, Walsall Wood 

"I contacted ThreeSpires Phsyiotherapy after months of severe pain and cramp like symptoms in my calf muscles. This was coupled with chronic and acute pains in my lower back and gluts. The physiotherapist came and assessed me at home and did some mobility tests. I was both fascinated and amazed at how some simple movements with my foot helped identify and relieve the issues. After two visits and a programme of exercises my condition improved significantly enough to allow me to get back to running again. In between treatments the physiotherapist has been helpful and taken time to respond to questions on the phone or via email. He was very knowledgeable and helpful and is someone I would use again and highly recommend to anyone looking for a physiotherapist." - Michael Duff, Tamworth 

"Great service, very professional. Appointments were arranged to suit me and my sacroiliac joint pain was quickly identified and effectively treated. Thank you." - Ms P, Hammerwich 

"ThreeSpires Physiotherapy provided a friendly and professional service which was of great benefit to me. I have never used a home visit physiotherapist before but will use again if required and would recommend to everyone. I was recommended myself." - Mr R, Chasetown 

 "I received first class treatment from ThreeSpires Physiotherapy. The exercises I was given to do were tailored to my needs and became progressively more developed each session. The treatment only continued for as long as required, it was very professional, in the privacy of my own home and very reasonably priced. I thoroughly recommend ThreeSpires Physiotherapy to all my family and friends. I am now back at the gym feeling strong and fit."- Anne Craddock, Brownhills

ThreeSpires Physiotherapy delivers a home visit service within a 25 minute drive of Lichfield, this includes areas such as Tamworth, Sutton Coldfield, Rugeley, Cannock and Burton to name but a few. Our services include post-operative rehabilitation, neurological physiotherapy, back and neck pain relief and sports massage. If you have any questions regarding our service or would like to book an appointment then you can contact us via: 0788 428 1623,enquiries@threespiresphysiotherapy.co.uk or by using the contact form.


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