Intensive Neurological Physiotherapy Courses

Some patients due to the nature of their condition (for example they have had a recent stroke) will require intensive daily physiotherapy sessions. For patients such as these we are able to offer short courses of intensive, daily physiotherapy input at their home or nursing home. Before beginning a course of intensive neurological physiotherapy sessions it is essential to have an initial assessment by one of our experienced neurological physiotherapists who will formulate a personalised and tailored treatment plan.

Who might benefit from intensive neurological physiotherapy?

Not all patients will require or even benefit from intensive courses of physiotherapy, however in some circumstances it is advisable and extremely beneficial to have daily physiotherapy. The following are some examples of situations in which patients may benefit from intensive and daily physiotherapy over a short period of time:

Recent Discharge from Hospital after a Stroke:

If you have recently been discharged from hospital after a stroke and you are either at home or in a nursing home then you will need daily and intensive physiotherapy in order to maximise your recovery. It is well established that 6 months is a key time frame in the recovery from a stroke and in order to maximise potential it is vital that you access as much rehabilitation as possible. In the initial period in hospital you will receive daily physiotherapy input but once discharged home it is likely that you will only be seen by NHS physiotherapists 1 - 2 times per week at most. In this case and especially if NHS physiotherapy begins to tail off (due to resource constraints) then it is vital that you gain as much access to neurological physiotherapy as possible and an intensive course of physiotherapy will be extremely beneficial.

A Recent Exacerbation of an Existing Condition (MS):

If you suffer from Multiple Sclerosis and you have recently relapsed then a short course of intensive and daily neurological physiotherapy will help return you to previous levels of mobility as quickly as possible.

Your Mobility is Severely Impaired:

If your mobility and ability to do exercises independently and in between sessions is currently impaired then it is likely that you would benefit from a short course of intensive neurological physiotherapy sessions in order to get you to a point where you can mobilise independently and do exercises independently.

Your Improvement Has Plateaued

Some times improvements will slow down and this can be for a number of reasons but if the reason is that you are not having enough regular physiotherapy input then a short course of intensive physiotherapy sessions can help get you over this plateau and back on the road to improvement.

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