Online Video & Remote Neurological Physiotherapy Assessments

Since the outbreak of the Corona Virus we have been getting contacted by many people with neurological conditions such as a recent stroke, MS or Parkinson’s Disease but are currently self-isolating due to being in a high-risk group for Corona Virus. So, in an effort to help we have been working on ways in which we can still help our patients stay fit and healthy but not run the risk of disease transmission. As such we have decided that we will offer remote online, video consultations and physiotherapy assessments for patients with neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease, MS, a stroke or Cerebral Palsy.

A remote on line video physiotherapy assessment allows one of our neurological physiotherapists to take a full history of what has been happening, look through past medical history and conduct via video a physical assessment which can provide information regarding weaknesses, strengths any problems and what it is best to do. They can also safely prescribe the best exercises and prepare a plan of management to enable you either to maximise recovery or to maintain strength and mobility. All of this can happen without the risk of infection…


How The Online Video Physiotherapy Assessment Works

It is extremely easy to set up the assessment. Simply send us an email with a short description of your request: please include details such as age, the nature of the problem, some background about current mobility or difficulties  and what you would like to get back to work on or achieve from physiotherapy as these will be really helpful in organising the assessment. We will then get in touch to arrange a convenient time for your assessment. Before the session you will receive an email with instructions detailing how to access the video conferencing software needed for the remote physiotherapy assessment.


The Online Physiotherapy Session

The session will be 1hr in length and will begin with a discussion to find out what it is our physiotherapist can help with e.g. Multiple Sclerosis or a recent stroke, what the symptoms are, your mobility levels, what activities might be practicable and what you would like to achieve in terms of goals from physiotherapy. The physiotherapist will then run through a past medical history and any other questions needed that will highlight other areas and difficulties.

Then a physical assessment will happen during which the physio will ask you to perform a series of tests, exercises and movements to check strength, range of motion, pain and balance etc. These tests and exercises will depend upon which area of the body needs addressing, how recent the problem is and also how severe the difficulties are. Clearly if you are unable to walk or stand then the majority of the assessment will be conducted in sitting or lying. During this part of the assessment you will need to have your phone, iPad or laptop pointed at yourself fairly securely so that the physiotherapist can see what you or are doing.

After this part, the physio will then discuss what they have found or may ask some further questions and ask you to run through a few more tests. After this discussion they will then discuss a plan of management including exercises, dos and don’ts and things that you need to do in order to help yourself and enable you to maximise your quality of life. Any exercises needed can be emailed over after the session so that you and the patient have a clear idea of what is needed. Finally the physiotherapist will book in any follow up online video consultations necessary.


Is an Online Video Physiotherapy Assessment Suitable for a Neurological Problem such as a Stroke?

The simplest answer to this question is yes but after your initial email or call we will have a discussion about your difficulty to make sure that it is appropriate and that we will be able to help. The remote online video physiotherapy assessment is especially helpful for those self-isolating or in a high risk category for Corona Virus.

What Equipment Will I Need for The Remote Physiotherapy Assessment?

You really don’t need much for the online video physiotherapy assessment. You simply need an electronic device that has a camera and a screen and that can be pointed easily to where you are. This can be your phone, a tablet or a laptop. You will need an area such as a living room where you can move around. If you have any pieces of equipment such as a set of weights, stretchy resistance bands or yoga mat that would be brilliant but is not essential.

Will You Be Recording the Remote Video Physiotherapy Assessment?

The simple answer is no. We will be making our usual clinical notes but we will not be recording the video session itself as we do not want to store images of you or any family members without permission.

How Will I be Able to Know What Exercises and Stretches I should Do?

At the end of the remote video physiotherapy assessment our physiotherapist will be able to email you a comprehensive series of exercises and a plan of exercises.

Will I Need More Than One Session?

This is difficult to be certain and will depend upon what it is that we are helping with. However, if you have been given a programme of exercises and advice to follow we will definitely be wanting to check in with you to review progress and make adjustments to your exercises etc.

How Long Will a Follow Up Remote Video Physiotherapy Session Take?

Usually this will be 30 minutes but your physiotherapist will advise you on what length of time they consider to be most appropriate.

Can I Have a Session in Person After an Online Video Physiotherapy Session?

Yes of course! Once you feel that it would be safe and advisable to have a physical session with one of our physiotherapists then this can easily be arranged.


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