ThreeSpires Physiotherapy offers several physiotherapy services and packages to care homes to assist with the physiotherapy needs of residents both in terms of regaining mobility and maintaining current levels of mobility. Our physiotherapists are highly experienced in working with elderly patients with a range of conditions and communicating with medical professionals such as GPs and care staff. We have a large number of testimonials from patients and can provide references from care home managers. Below are some of our most commonly requested services:


1.      Physiotherapy Sessions: we are able to run in house physiotherapy sessions in care and nursing homes across the Staffordshire and West Midlands area. These sessions can be tailored to meet the needs of your residents and your care home but would in general be a minimum of 2 hours and can extend up to 8 hours if needed. Sessions can be done regularly on a specific day and time each week or month as required and our physiotherapist will assess and provide physiotherapy to residents that have been identified by staff, carers or management as needing physiotherapy. These sessions can be really helpful to assist with keeping residents as mobile as possible and reduce the risk of them losing independence.


2.      Exercise Classes: Some patients and residents benefit from group intervention and exercise. As such we are able to offer physiotherapist led exercise classes that can be adapted to meet the needs of your residents. Sessions can set at a level that is suitably challenging for all residents no matter what their level. We are highly experienced in helping dementia patients engage with exercises and therapy. For those whose balance and mobility is too poor to do standing exercises we are able to offer an excellent seated alternative.



3.      Staff Training: We offer training for your staff to help with a range of issues: such as safety with rehabilitation exercises – knowing which exercises are appropriate and when it is safe to do them. Appropriate referral to physiotherapy and occupational therapy and training on who benefits from these services and what is available. We also offer training on contracture prevention and safe stretching techniques.


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