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ThreeSpires Physiotherapy is able to deliver physiotherapy at home for a wide range of medico-legal patients. These include complex neurological and orthopaedic patients who require ongoing therapy and rehabilitation input over a long period of time and also patients who are recovering from a road traffic accident and suffering from the effects of whiplash. Below is a testimonial from a recent case:

"Dave and his team have worked with my client over the past year and built a good rapport with him when he was previously not engaging with therapy.  My Client has made very good physical progress with regular sessions of treatment in his home, but also in terms of his confidence with accessing the community and gym.  The team are responsive to queries and were great at keeping me informed of my clients progress.  I would definitely use them again. " Louise Denzel - Case Manager

Medico-Legal Cases and Conditions Seen

Our physiotherapists are able to help with all medico-legal patients ranging from paediatric physiotherapy to complex brain injury patients post-surgery and injury. Below is some more information about the kinds of medico-legal cases that our physiotherapists are able to help with. This list is by no means comprehensive and if your client has a condition not listed please get in touch.

Adult Medico-Legal Physiotherapy

We have both adult and paediatric physiotherapists working for us and are able to cope with all cases. Below are some of the common adult conditions we help our patients with

Traumatic Brain Injury

We recognise that brain injury can affect patients in both physical and psychological ways and our physiotherapists are experienced in dealing with all of these issues. They are able to assess and treat patients with all types of traumatic brain injury and will be able to complete a comprehensive assessment of their physiotherapy needs.

Spinal Cord Injury

We are able to work with patients who have had both complete and partial cord injuries. Our physiotherapists have experience of working with patients who have complex needs post spinal cord injury and will be able to help them maximise their recovery potential.

Post Road Traffic Accident

Many patients will have had a serious road traffic accident and be recovering from the effects of multiple operations and surgical procedures. Our physiotherapists have a large amount of experience of assessing and treating these patients and ensuring they make as full a recovery as possible.

Orthopaedic Conditions

We are able to assist with patients recovering from a range of orthopaedic operations including ORIF, tendon repairs, joint replacements and bone replacements.

Post-Surgical Physiotherapy

Many medico-legal patients will be recovering after extensive surgery and we have a large amount of experience in helping these patients through the complexities of recovery and what to expect. We always communicate with surgeons and consultants to ensure that we follow any protocols required in order to gain the best results for our patients.


Paediatric Medico-Legal Physiotherapy

Paediatric cases can be very specialised and require a specific skill set and level of experience. As such we have a highly experienced paediatric physiotherapist who will be able to assess all paediatric medico-legal cases. Below is a list of commonly encountered conditions.

Acquired Brain Injury

Many paediatric patients will have suffered a brain injury at birth or through an operation and will require specialist care and support. Our paediatric physiotherapist is highly experienced in assisting with these cases and will be able to help guide the patient and family through the rehabilitation process.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Our paediatric physiotherapist is able to help patients and family with recovery from the effects of a traumatic brain injury. We understand that a brain injury can have profound effects both physical and psychological upon patients and we will work with the family to ensure the best possible result.

Complex Neurological Cases

Paediatric patients can have a range of highly complex neurological conditions and our physiotherapist will be able to assess and help manage these.

Orthopaedic Conditions

As with adult medico legal patients many children will have undergone orthopaedic procedures such as ORIF, tendon repairs, cartilage repairs and bone fixation after an accident and our paediatric physiotherapist will be able to help both family and patient through the recovery process.

Post-Surgical Physio

Often our paediatric patients will have had surgery and be beginning to make a recovery (sometimes we see these patients all the way from before surgery to helping them recover after). At this point they need an experienced physiotherapist to help them recover.

Medico-Legal Physiotherapy Process

Below is a brief summary of our medico-legal physiotherapy assessment and follow up process. To find out more information please give us a call to discuss your needs:

Once we have authorisation and consent to contact your client we will make an appointment for an initial physiotherapy assessment direct with the client or carer as soon as possible (usually within one week) and will inform you of the time and date of this initial appointment. Generally we like to have as much medical and background information as possible as this makes the assessment process more effective.

Initial Physiotherapy Assessment:

For the initial assessment we ask that 1 – 2 hours is allowed, this allows our physiotherapist to fully assess more complex medico-legal patients and enables the patient and relative to feel that their situation and case has been fully understood. During the initial assessment our physiotherapist will carefully explain all findings and relevant issues to the patient and carer and will discuss and gain full consent for all the recommendations that they will make in their report.

A report detailing the physiotherapist’s findings, assessment results and recommendations (including number of sessions and therapy input) is included within the initial assessment. Our physiotherapists always make sure that the report and recommendations are targeted towards achieving the patient’s goals

Ongoing Medico-Legal Physiotherapy

Once we have been given authorisation for ongoing physiotherapy as per our recommendations in the initial report we will make contact with the patient and carer and commence sessions as soon as possible. Each session is 1hr in length which allows for a full and comprehensive physiotherapy session to take place. Any rehabilitation exercises are prescribed by the physiotherapist and the patient will be instructed in how to carry them out safely and effectively. Our physiotherapists are able to train support staff and carers in how to carry out exercises and suitable therapy as required. We are always proactive in liaising with family, carers and medical professionals so as to achieve the best outcomes for our patients.

After a predetermined period of time (this will be detailed in our report) a review will be carried out of progress by our physiotherapist and a further interim report will be submitted detailing progress towards goals and further recommendations. This enables all parties to be aware of progress and any issues arising following a period of physiotherapy. At regular predetermined intervals (or at anytime upon request) we will complete interim reports to judge progress.

If needed our physiotherapist will be able to attend any multi-disciplinary team meetings or communicate with any other professionals involved with the case including social workers, nurses, consultants, surgeons and any family members or carers as required.

We are based in Lichfield (Staffordshire) and cover anywhere within the Staffordshire and West Midlands area this includes areas such as Cannock, Rugeley, Walsall, Sutton Coldfield, Tamworth and Burton. In general we cover the following postcodes: WS1, WS2,WS3; WS4; WS5, WS6, WS7; WS8; WS9; WS10, WS11; WS12; WS13; WS14; WS15; B72; B73; B74; B75; B76; B77; B78; B79

The postcodes above are just to give you an idea of our general area and we are happy to go further if needed.

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