What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a wide ranging profession and is hard to define in one single sentence but the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy defines it as: "a healthcare profession that works with people to identify and maximise their ability to move and function." Physiotherapy can play a key role in enabling people to improve their health, wellbeing and quality of life in a variety of ways including by the use of soft tissue massage, spinal manipulation, exercises and rehabilitation post surgery or hospital stays.

Physiotherapy is an autonomous profession. This means that physiotherapists can accept referrals for assessment from a range of sources: from an individual themselves (self-referral) or from other people involved with that individual. There are a large range of interventions, treatment options and benefits that physiotherapy can offer and also a range of different types of physiotherapy including neurological physiotherapy, paediatric physiotherapy, sports physio and post-operative physiotherapy to name but a few!

So what does this mean for me?

Well it means that one of the many services and types of physiotherapy that we offer as a home visit service should be able to meet your needs. Our home visit service is available anywhere within a 20 minute driving radius of Lichfield in Staffordshire which includes areas such as Sutton Coldfield, Tamworth, Cannock, Rugeley and Walsall. We offer neurological physiotherapy, musculoskeletal physiotherapy, rehabilitation post surgery for procedures such as joint replacements, paediatric physiotherapy for children, assistance with improving elderly patients with reduced mobility and acupuncture. Each of these physiotherapy services has extensive information available via the main menu of the website.

Isn’t physiotherapy just for athletes and sports people?

This is a common misconception about physiotherapy. The traditional image of a physio is that of someone running onto the pitch at a football or rugby match or possibly an elite athlete being treated after a long event. These are all parts of physiotherapy but they are by no means the whole story and in fact the majority of people treated by physios are not sports people.

Physiotherapy can help people of all ages, backgrounds and body types. ThreeSpires Physiotherapy treats a wide range of people and aims to provide treatment to anyone with a problem. To give an example: many of our patients have recently been into hospital and are receiving help with their rehabilitation and assistance with improving their mobility.

How can ThreeSpires Physiotherapy help me?

We provide an extremely high quality and accessible physiotherapy service at home (for further information on the level of quality please have a look at our testimonials from our past patients).  Easy and early access to physiotherapy provides improved patient results and increased function. By coming to you in your home at a day and time that is convenient to you (we run a 7 day service) we can treat your condition more quickly and save you trying to take time off work or struggle out of the house to a traditional clinic. Our physiotherapy service is available in areas such as Lichfield, Sutton Coldfield, Tamworth, Rugeley, Cannock and Walsall. We provide a range of physiotherapy services which are briefly detailed below:

1. Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

MSK Physiotherapy, Lichfield, Sutton Coldfield, Tamworth, Canock, Walsall, RugeleyPhysiotherapy can help patients with a range of musculoskeletal problems such as back pain, shoulder impingement, trapped nerves, sciatica and golfer's elbow. Many chronic injuries start off as a simple problem that would have been easily fixed if seen earlier. Unfortunately all too often people ignore these minor niggles.

Early access to high quality physiotherapy will help stop that little niggle in your back, elbow or knee becoming a chronic problem in the future. Our musculoskeletal physiotherapy service is available anywhere within 20 minutes of Lichfield including Sutton Coldfield, Tamworth, Rugeley, Walsall and Cannock.

2. Neurological Physiotherapy

Neurological Physiotherapy, Cannock, Rugeley, Lichfield, Sutton Coldfield, Walsall, TamworthPatients with neurological problems such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Cerebral Palsy and those recovering from a stroke require a more specialised form of physiotherapy. ThreeSpires Physiotherapy is able to deliver neurological physiotherapy in the security and comfort of your own home thus removing the difficulty of getting to a clinic. Our neurological physiotherapy service is available in areas such as Lichfield, Tamworth, Rugeley, Cannock, Sutton Coldfield and Walsall. 

3. Elderly Mobility

Elderly Mobility, Lichfield, Physiotherapy, rehabilitation, Walsall, Cannock, Sutton Coldfield, TamworthAs a home visit physiotherapy service we have a large amount of expertise at helping elderly patients who have reduced mobility or are at an increased risk of falls. Our physiotherapists are able to visit these patients at home and often can be there straight away after they have been discharged from hospital. This home visit physiotherapy service is based in Lichfield and serves surrounding areas such as Sutton Coldfield, Tamworth, Rugeley, Cannock and Walsall.

4. Orthopaedic/ Post-Operative Physiotherapy

Hip Replacement, Physiotherapy, Lichfield, Knee Replacement, Sutton Coldfield, Orthopaedics, Arthritis, Walsall, TamworthAfter any orthopaedic procedure such as a joint replacement early access to high quality physiotherapy is vital for achieving the best possible recovery. Here at ThreeSpires Physiotherapy we are able to deliver this physiotherapy and rehabilitation in the comfort and security of your home. Our physiotherapy service is based in Lichfield and serves areas within 20 minutes driving time including areas such as Sutton Coldfield, Tamworth, Rugeley, Walsall and Cannock.

5. Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries, Lichfield, Tamworth, Cannock, Physiotherapy, Walsall, Sutton ColdfieldAs a physiotherapy service we understand the importance of sport to our patients and have a significant amount of expertise at assessing and treating sporting injuries. We have many treatment techniques that can be used to improve recovery including sports massage and deep tissue work plus our physiotherapists will be able to give you a graded rehabilitation plan.

6. Paediatric Physiotherapy

Lichfield, Sutton Coldfield, Paediatric Physiotherapy, Rugeley, Tamworth, CannockChildren due to the nature of their skeletal structure, rapid development and complex conditions need a highly specialised form of physiotherapy which we are able to deliver at home. If you have concerns about your child then our paediatric physiotherapist will be able to assess, diagnose and provide effective treatment for them. Our paediatric physiotherapy service is available in Lichfield, Sutton Coldfield, Tamworth, Cannock and Walsall.

To find out more about our physiotherapy service and how it might help you call us on 0788 428 1623 or email us at enquiries@threespiresphysiotherapy.co.uk . Our physiotherapy service is based in Lichfield and serves surrounding areas within a 20 minute drive including Sutton Coldfield, Tamworth, Rugeley, Walsall and Cannock.


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